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Used UPS For Sale?
Power Conditioners - PDUs - Electrical Switchgear

Used UPS For Sale

Selling PDU, Power Conditioners or Switchgear?
We need similar info and photos as below.

What We Buy

We buy most used UPS for sale. Just email details today. We buy: APC, Chloride, CPC, Datawave, Eaton, Emerson, GE, Liebert, MGE, Mitsubishi, Oneac, PDI, Powerware, Siemens, Square-D, Toshiba.

What We Need

We need as much of the below information as you can provide about your used UPS so we can give you a maximum value quote. If we buy your used UPS, we will pick it up from your location.

1. When is your used UPS available?
2. Your name, company, phone number.
3. Location
of the equipment.
Brand, model, serial numbers.
5. Year of manufacture or best estimate.
6. Photos as detailed below.

Photos We Need

Send photos of your used UPS, as detailed below, so we can give you a maximum value quote. If we buy your used UPS, we pay freight and pick it up from your location.

1. Use digital camera or high quality cell phone.
2. Photos must be clear, SN plates must be legible.
3. For flash, shoot SN labels at slight angle to avoid bounce back.
4. Photos of damage with explanation.

To sell your UPS, fax or email complete details.
We guarantee a fair market offer.

How to Sell Us Your Used Equipment

. Email equipment details.
. We make an offer.
. We pick up, pay freight.
. Anywhere in the U.S.

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Inventory & Prices

Our available equipment changes frequently. If you don't see what you need, just contact us. Our prices are very competitive.

Your Assurance

All equipment sold is fully tested, refurbished and sold with a warranty. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. You can count on it!

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 Sell Your Used Equipment  -  We Pay Freight  -  Contact Us Today

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